Racing Above Sea Level – Fraser’s Hill, Malaysia Trip #2

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Our friend timed our visit to Frasers’ Hill last month for a couple of reasons: firstly, it was still within the breeding seasons for our feathered friends and secondly, it coincided with the annual Fraser’s Hill International Bird Race. Not only we could catch up with some fellow birdwatching friends but at the same time, we would have more pairs of eyes looking for rarer birds.

Wow this lady already started to spot birds even before the race began…

So what’s a “Bird Race“? Well, basically it is like the well-known tv show, “The Amazing Race”, where teams race around places. A “Bird Race” is where teams of birdwatchers, or birders, try to spot the most numbers of birds species within a time frame. In Singapore, we also have our annual bird race organised by the Nature Society (Singapore), where teams of at least three in two categories – the Advanced or the Novice, go around Singapore in search of birds within 24 hours and 19 hours respectively. It’s basically a game of strategy and stamina, where birders were tested on their familiarity with the birds’ habits as well as habitats so they could plan their route properly.

The bird race in Frasers’ Hill, organised by the Tourism Board of Pahang, attracted birders from Malaysia as well as overseas and many of our birding friends had joined the race before. In conjunction with the race, booths from different nature related groups and companies were set up.

The town centre was under renovation, so banners had to be hung on
these ugly make shift panels

A carnival-like event where kids were entertained by clowns…Fraser’s
Hill, besides being a favourite haunt for nature lovers, is also
a holiday spot for families. So you get to see kids running around the
bird race booth

Hey, whassup?

The Seasame Street Clown….

I love this hornbill poster! Malaysia has many species of hornbill.
This trip I only managed to see two flying past…

Educational posters like this reptile one were put up at some booth

Snakes of Malaysia

Primates! How many can you recognise?

This year none in our group decided to join the race but to take it easy. But hor, they seemed to be taking things too easy oso leh…:p

Wow lao! My friends here were so engrossed in shopping that we had to
‘gently’ remind them that we were here birdwatching…:p

So off we went to continue looking for birds – for some of us, the agenda was to have more ‘ticks’ on the bird list, while for Itchyfingers, it was to record more beautiful bird species with our cameras. Fraser’s Hill is a wonderful place for birdwatching because of the cool weather and also at different altitude you would find different kinda birds. There were still many that I have not had the chance to see after my many visits. Will share some amazing bird photos in the next post!

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