An Escape into the Mountains – Fraser’s Hill, Malaysia Trip #1

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Growing up and living in the concrete jungles of Singapore, Itchyfingers like to get away and immerse ourselves in the many pockets of greenery scattered around the island, taking pictures of the flora and fauna in gardens, parks and the nature reserves. Occasionally when time permits, we will also venture out to our neighouring country, Malaysia, for some birdwatching trips.

One of our favourite birdwatching spot in Malyasia is Fraser’s Hill, located about 105km north of Kuala Lumpur and sitting at 1,524 metres above sea level. Just six hours’ drive away, it is one of the most accessible birdwatching spots with numerous choice of accommodation. At different altitude, different kinds of bird species can be seen, many of which are not found here.

The sign at The Gap, the mid point before going up the hill. Some people
were sitting next to the English version on the other side so I only took
the Chinese and Japanese version here

I have been to Fraser’s Hill five times over the years, mostly driven up by fellow birdwatching friends. But we had also taken public transport twice– by train to KL followed by two bus rides before taking a cab from the foot of the hill to the top. From there we were on our own and covered basically the whole of Fraser’s Hill by foot, carrying with us heavy photographic equipment!

Our last visit to Fraser’s Hill was about a month ago. Luckily for us, our friend offered us a ride up. For the previous trips, we stayed at mid-range hotels that had good location for birdwatching. This last trip, one of our friend got us a bungalow with three rooms! According to her, the view was spectacular, the food was good and the price was relatively reasonable at RM500 per night for the whole bungalow. We had eight people, imagine if there were more of us sharing the cost…wow! sounds good right? Well, when we reached the bungalow, we were indeed not disappointed!

Following a small private road led us to the bungalow…

I had always wondered if the many nice bungalows were for rent to individuals or if they were all reserved for corporations. Well, now I know that some of them were indeed available for rent! You just had to give a friendly visit to one of those to see if the owner or caretakers were around for information. For this particular one, our friend knew them and had been staying here whenever she visit Fraser’s.

This was where we stayed. Food can be arranged at separate cost

The garden with a view, great for afternoon tea with homemade scones…

The hall was bigger than my entire flat!

The dining area at the opposite end

Best thing about the bungalow was that all rooms came attached with big bathroom and even a bathtub!

Room 1– double bed with the best view!

Room 2 with a double and single bed

Room 3 was the smallest room with three single beds

The friendly owners who cooked very well! We could even make special
request for certain dishes!

Rise and shine!

The many lovely flowers at the bungalow…

A pity we spent too little time in the bungalow cos most of the time we would be out birdwatching. But staying in a bungalow provided more privacy so it was certainly worth considering staying in one of these at Fraser’s! 😀



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  1. Hi Itchy Fingers,

    I stumbled to your blog while searching for Fraser Hill information. The bungalow looks great at RM500 per night. Can you provide the contact details of the owner to me?


    PS: Your blog is great. Do keep up the good work!

    • Hi Christine,

      Thank you for your kind words. Do be an itchymouth and spread words for us! 😀

      As for the FH accommodation, unfortunately, it was booked by my friend’s friend. Another reader tried calling and said the contact details on my photo seemed to have changed. 😦

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