Holy Sh*t!

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WORDS OF CAUTION: The following post is filled with foul languages complete with filthy visuals not suitable for those faint hearted. Itchyfingers strongly advise all hygiene freaks to leave immediate but do come visit again when the air has been cleared up… 8)

While trying to burn some extra fat off my thunder thighs on the treadmill one late morning, something at the car park below caught my attention and I found my eyes glued instantly onto this piece of sh*t…ooops…excuse me language…so exactly what was it that was so sh*tty? :p

It was a white commercial lorry. Normally most commercial vans or lorries will have their company names or logos painted on to advertise their services. Some also have photos. This particular lorry was no exception. But what was so eye catching was that it was plastered from head to tail with promotional lines and illustrations in a most untidy and chaotic manner visible even from the gym on the second floor. Of course I couldn’t read the words, but I could vaguely figure out the “familiar illustration”, and the huge company name was loud enough to catch anyone’s attention…, er, at that point, I assumed that was the company name, cos what else could that be? But if it indeed was a company name, then what kinda business was it dealing with???

So what was the company name?

The Bloody Sh*t Hub.

The what??? :O? What the hell was that?

Well, I was also curious too. I wanted to jump down immediately to take a proper look to confirm my guess, but the driver stayed in the lorry for more than five minutes, I couldn’t see what was he doing from the distance. Maybe tearing parking coupon, but he was definitely taking much more time tearing a few tabs. Then when he finally got outta the lorry, he went to the other side where I couldn’t see and emerged after another few minutes with some pails and equipment before walking over to the other block.

By now I was burning with curiosity and seeing him finally left the lorry, I zoomed outta the gym like a hungry vulture.

And yes! I guessed correctly the kinda business he was dealing with! Have you figured out already too?

See the perfectly symmetrical pile of sh*t drawn on the lorry? Now you
should know what all these sh*t was all about….:p

Both sides were equally untidy…

Whoever said Singaporeans are unadventurous, uncreative and have no sense of humour have to swallow back their words now…I think this guy is quite gutsy too (of course must have super thick skin also lah…hahah)…imagine asking you to drive this thing around…you dare or not? 😀

No fear….for sh*t does happen….

Smell is good??!!?? I think he needs to see the nose specialist…:p

The Sh*t Hunter….wow he definitely has a very positive attitude! :p

This guy is full of bull sh*t….:p What’s the cow stuffed toy doing up there?

Kawaii car decals…anyone can translate these?

Illiterate? Just look at the illustrations…:D

Wow! Two months guarantee! Not bad hor!

Wow lao leh….very powerrrrrr this guy…

Even the bum is full of sh*t….wonder if drivers were ever been distracted by
the Mighty Sh*t Hunter on the road…

You think these were bad enough…wait till you see the front of the lorry…:p

Good for nothing but too good for the bloody sh*t…:p Can you see
the “yellow gold”?

Holy cool sh*t! This lorry is really full of sh*t! 😀 Actually in Japan,
the golden poop is considered as something lucky….how bizarre…

The front passenger has to face this huge pile of sh*t everyday! 😀

And now I know what was talking him so long to get outta the lorry…gotta take out his specially made ‘sunscreen’ and stick it prominently in front…

Speechless… this guy is powerrrrrr…..! There were no parking coupons
in the lorry…

I think people in this line would not blatantly tell the whole world his profession. But this is definitely someone who takes complete pride of his job…no matter how filthy it is…So, are you still going to complain about the dirty jobs you are handling now?

Rather than hate your job, make the best outta it! 😀
You’ve got the powerrrrrr!!!! 8)



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  1. 😀
    this post is so educational..
    hee..nv noe such things exist in SG!
    way to go..with more such postS!

  2. Heee, glad you like this. Well, I find it funny in its crude way rather than educational. But really admire this owner for being so bold to do this on his vehicle.. 😀

  3. Hi~ 1st time to your blog. But this post comply with pictures is juz simply hilarious!
    Is it legal to have all the sh*t wordings on a vehicle??

    I juz admired his guts!

    Looking forward to more “gutsy” blogs~


  4. Hi Lovellynn,

    Thanks for dropping by! Haha…I’m not sure if putting the sh*t word is illegal or not….i dun think so lah…hahah…i think as long as the car plate is not obstructed it shd be ok…:-D

    Do check out our other posts!

  5. LOL~~

    Sure to check out other post..
    Already bookmarked your blog~


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