When Margaret Meets the Queen#2

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From this sign, one could see that the Margaret Drive/Queenstown area used to be so happening…they left out cinemas on this sign. The two cinemas have long been converted to churches.

This is the other cinema still left standing..

The long defunct Queensway Cinema. This picture was taken in 2005.

Old cinemas used to have only one big theatre hall, showing one movie at a time, unlike the ones we have now where there are more halls of smaller sizes showing as many as five to eight different movies. Huge painted movie poster used to adorn the panels here. It is now a dying trade in Singapore and the only ones you can still see now I think should be the ones at Chinatown, well known to show ‘RA’ rated films and have a huge senior male citizen patrons there…:p

Less than three years down the road, this is what it looked like now…

A bowling alley in the same building as the Queenstown Cinema, taken in 2005.

An old ticketing booth. One would have to stand under the sun if the
queue is long.

Sign at ticketing booth

Singtel used to be called ‘Telecom’. The distinctive shaped building
at the background was a wet market and food centre. Picture taken in 2005

These used to be food stalls, which had been vacated when we visited in 2005

A guard looking after the old market, due for some upgrading work

Peeping through from the other side, this was the wet market where
my sister brought back my first baby turtle from an aquarium stall

The old market is now a place selling car accessories and stuff…

Old fashion provision shop in the nearby housing estate taken in 2005

When we visited again, the shop was closed. It was a Sunday, so not too
sure if it’s been closed for good or just a rest day…

Dunnu how old these are, but they looked so ancient…:p

As mentioned earlier, the gahmen has plans to revamp the whole place to attract more young people to come and stay in one of Singapore’s oldest housing estate. With that, old flats will have to give way again…

The library and polyclinic can be seen from an old flat

With such a view from the 18th floor of an old HDB flat, it will not be
a problem attracting buyers to the new flats to be built later on…

It is certainly good to see the old Margaret Drive and Queenstown area thriving with activities again, but I certainly hope some of the old buildings will be conserved to remind us of its past. Definitely I would give the Queenstown Library a visit soon. Who knows, my ‘moving house loving’ family may decide to move yet once again back to the area! :p

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