It’s Play Time! #1

June 19, 2008 at 11:51 pm | Posted in itchy backside | 3 Comments
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Tisu Boy has been lamenting for the longest time that old memories of Singapore are slowly fading away with the constant upgrading and rebuilding of our nation. Besides old buildings, he had wanted to record one of children’s favourite place – the playground. But with many older estates having gone through upgrading, these old playgrounds, too, had to give way to newer and more modern ones. We were always on the lookout for any surviving old playgrounds to capture some memories before they are gone but had no luck until recently, when we finally found not just one, but four of these charming old playgrounds!

While playgrounds today are mostly colourful and made of plastic with safe rubber mats, playgrounds of yesteryears were made of concrete and metal structures on sandy ground.

An old playground amongst mature rain trees

I couldn’t hold my excitement when I stumbled upon this on my way to dinner with a friend that she thought I was crazy…:D

Old playground that had seen better days…There are more space around
in this playground then the newer ones

Oh my goodness! A turtle! This had been painted and repainted several
times over the years…Tisu Boy used to hide in a similar one when he was

And a rabbit one!

Oh! I remember this Pelican design! 8)

Actually I find the design of this Pelican quite user-unfriendly :p I can’t remember if I had ever climbed up onto the bill part by myself when I was young, but when I tried to climb up now, I had to give up after much difficulty! Maybe I was just being clumsy, but there was nothing to grab on the smooth surface after mounting one foot on the lower hole to try to place the other onto the bill. Legs too short maybe…hahah…

Our nation has progressed, but some of our bad habits don’t…This is
certainly quite a high place to deposit your litter…

Scribbles all over….

See the sand on the ground?

It’s good to see the younger generation enjoying the old playground…

I couldn’t help but jumped onto one after the indian family had left… 🙂

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  1. hi,

    can you tell me where the old playground location?
    still there?

    thank you!

  2. hi~~
    childhood memories! can i noe where is the playground?

    thank you~~

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