Singapore Radio Taxi Service

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We were on our way to take pictures of some old memories of Singapore when we stumbled upon this at the carpark.

An old tiny taxi stand at the back of the carpark. One might just miss

I have seen old bus stands like the one at Lavander Street operating buses to Malaysia, but not a taxi stand like this before. Tisu Boy, after slogging six years of his youth away at the neaby NUS School of Architecture, never know of this too.

Dover Taxi Service…anyone cares to dial the number to try?

Curious and being itchy backsides, we went around the tiny stand and saw one uncle sitting there fixing some radio parts. I asked for his permission to take some photos but camera shy, he moved aside…actually would prefer to have him inside the picture…:p

Wow! Didn’t expect to see shelves and table at the back…thought it was
kinda abandoned…

“Taxi Stand” in Chinese characters

Ooops! For members only….

Cannot go in, but surely can peek from outside? A simple set up
of a taxi radio control station

This altar took up almost a quarter of the total width of the station…
Safety first…especially for drivers spending hours on the road

The uncle said this stand is no longer in service as few drivers want to become members due to poor benefits. He said they used to have their own fleet of yellow top taxis. Nowadays, it serves more as a gathering and meeting place for old members.

Scheduled meeting to the temple on one early morning: meet and leave
6:45am sharp; weather permitted – shine we go, rain we postpone;
earthquake then we cancel…:p

From the look of things, this radio taxi stand indeed seemed like it’s not in operation anymore. But upon a search online, the Dover Taxi Service’s phone number still showed up. Now I am really tempted to dial the number for a cab…:p Wonder if any one out there remembered seeing this station in use, or have used their service before? Do let us know….:)


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