Water Fools

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Seen a taxi, a bicycle and a bed riding on water?

The tourists on the bumboat must be more interested in taking
a ride in the taxi…

Having read about these acts on papers by acclaimed French street theatre company Ilotopie, we decided to kay poh a bit at the opening of the Singapore Arts Festivals on Friday night. We reached Boat Quay at about half past seven, and already there were many many people waiting patiently for the performance. We managed to find a place next to the grand stand but it was so cramped that, though we could witness the arrival of the President and his wife and other ministers, we couldn’t really capture pictures of them without getting blocked by the many people in front of us. The performance was great but we were also blocked by a speaker and the many heads in front of us, so our pictures didn’t turn out that good. No shiok leh ! :O

So the next evening after a quick dinner, we headed to Boat Quay again. This time we reached slightly before seven, and again many people had already planted themselves at strategic positions. So we were very lucky to have gotta a place to sit on the ground with just three row of people in front of us. The weather was also much cooler compared to the previous sweat dripping night.

What’s this boy doing here?

At 8pm sharp, a taxi slowing drove in…

Tiny cramp cute yellow cab driving on water…

But not for long…

Aiya! What happened!

Boo, no choice, gotta alight from cab and wait for another one…

How about killing some time reading the Straits Time?

Then, suddenly, the man found himself in an almost surreal situation with strange characters…

A garbage man

A cyclist

Yet another cyclist

Balloons anyone?

A pregrant mother a moment ago now breastfeeding her new born “baby”

He was not dreaming when he saw a floating bed, complete with feathers
from pillow…

A mystical Goatman exposing both male and female sexual organs…

And the Emperor in his new clothes…if you could see it…

A singing Diva on a giant man-powered wheel…reminded me of the alien
diva in the movie “Fifth Element” 😀

All these made his head burst into fire…:D

Oooo…better dun try to use too much brain in case it burst into flames…

Titled “Water Fools”, the performance uses light, sound and pyrotechnics to transform everyday objects into a mystical and magical experience.

Time seemed to rocket past as the lady’s baby had now grown up to a boy 😀

With the King still admiring himself in his new attire…

Goatman playing with fire…

Dazzling lights and fireworks wowed the audiences!

At the end of the 50minutes performance, the audiences were left in awe. It was a totally new experience to see performance this size on our Singapore River. The French performance was excellent not only technically but also in terms of creativity. Though it was the second time we watched Water Fools, it was still very enjoyable and entertaining for us, especially given our better views and the more cooling weather.

I guessed the only unpleasant episodes were when people who came much later tried to squeeze in and caused inconvenience to those who came earlier…A young mother with two small kids was seen asking her kids to squeeze right in front at the river side and after having them seated, she also shamelessly squeezed in, despite being asked by the security to keep the passage way clear in case of emergency. As if it wasn’t bad enough, she tried to ask her husband to join in by squeezing the other people even more. Luckily the husband eventually went to the back. Itchyfingers had the urge to take a picture of her but didn’t to do so in order to protect the identities of the youngs. :p

Tonight will be the last performance of Water Fools. So if you can make it, do try to catch the dazzling performance. Believe me you will not regret having to cramp with thousands of people, but do make sure to stick with your principles and dun be afraid to politely decline people who wants to squeeze their way in. 🙂



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  1. I still can’t figure out how the performance is done hmm…

    • hahah…gotta use a bit of imagination… 😀

      • I just saw this performance in Chicago. Your photos are excellent! In Chicago the king really had no clothes, with an enormous, artificial sex organ! I sure would like to know how they do this.

      • Hi Catherine,

        Thank you! Yeah, Water Fool was fun. Was surprised also that our authority allowed the provocative costumes on the ‘goat man’ and the pregnant lady. 😀

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