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May 19, 2008 at 12:38 am | Posted in itchy backside | 2 Comments
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Itchyfingers just came back from our first visit to the Henderson Waves tonight, one of the two pedestrian bridges just opened officially two weeks ago which formed an integral part of The Southern Ridges that comprise of a nine kilometre chain of greenery spanning across Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park and Kent Ridge Park before ending at West Coast Park.

At the foot of Telok Blangah Hill Park, we were surprised that many people were there to visit too. But actually we shouldn’t be, since it was newly opened and between 7pm and 12am daily, the bridge will be lit up. It was close to 8pm when we reached there, just the right time for an after dinner walk for families.

Parking lots were limited so we gotta break a bit of law here by parking at the side just next to the way up the Arch. After a short and slightly upslope walk, the greenery opened up to the start of the bridge, which was about 300m long.

The first shelter with seats

The bridge was made up of wavy steels structure that alternately rise over and under its deck. Maybe because it was made with wood, I felt like I was in Noah’s Ark. :p

Curves everywhere…people also everywhere…:p

It’s not very sharp on this pic but it said 74.14metres above sea level

Looks more like a sleeping dragon awaking at night…

No smoking is allowed for safety reason and also to protect the wooden
material. But I don’t remember if the papers mentioned anything about cycling
or scootering up the bridge or not. Personally I feel it shouldn’t be encouraged.
Afterall, we are all hanging just above the road on a wooden bridge.
Some kids were seen doing ‘stunts’ running up the slanted side

So comfortable that one could just sleep here…

View from the end of bridge

The interesting structure of the bridge made a deep impression on me. I really wondered how an architectural feast like this was conceptualised and made into reality…It took about five minutes to finish walking the bridge, but it certainly took much much more time and effort to build this architectural piece. I only wished credits can be given to the people behind the bridge. As we didn’t have our proper photographic setup tonight, we decided to come back for more the next morning so as to have a different feel under the blue sky and maybe try to capture an overview of the whole bridge from some housing estates. So do check out Itchyfingers tomorrow for more updates! 😀



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  1. Dear ItchyFingers,

    Beautiful pictures of the Henderson Waves!! And Thank you for appreciating the efforts of the people behind the project. It is architecture designed for the people and I am glad everyone enjoyed it. XX

  2. Hello Lawman,

    Thanks for your comments! I think some years back there was an open competition by the government for design ideas for the bridge and the concept of Henderson Waves was chosen. Really hope to find out who are the brains behind it! 😀

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