Answer to Nature’s Call #1 – Toilet Signs, Bangkok

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Have you always been in a hurry to answer to nature’s call that you have absolutely no time to take notice of the toilet signs? Usually the internationally accepted guy with no pants and girl with skirt graphic icons will be used, probably for its simplity and for economical reasons. But if you were to take a moment to look, sometimes you will be surprised at the many variations that evolved from the simple sign. Some are clever; some funny and some may take a while to understand. :p Itchyfingers have been collecting photographs of toilet signs and shall share them every now and then. We shall start with some loo signs from Bangkok.

A variation of the most common kinda toilet sign.
Alas! The guy is getting some pants to protect his modesty!

Can you be still smiling while feeling high tide? Signs on doors at the
now defunct PLAYGROUND shopping centre. We actually took a long
time looking for the place and were disappointed at its closure! 😦

Huge drawing of person doing his business while reading on the wall facing
Starbucks at PLAYGROUND…

Interesting sign at Third Place @ Thonglor. Wow but nothing interesting
behind this door leh….

Aiyo! So lovely! Go loo also must hold hands…!

Eeee….dun use this lift…there’s headless ghost in there….and girls..stay
away too if you dun wanna your head to be crushed…

I like this loo sign. Nice 3d effect.

So prominent you can’t miss…

In case you are not a visual person, look for the word. I just noticed
the clever positioning of Citibank ad with a guy next to the men’s toilet

See? A woman on the ad next to the women’s toilet. Totally idiot proof
so no excuse to bump into the wrong toilet!

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  1. nice collection! I like the last one the most (the one with the 3d sign)

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