The Art of Bone Breaking – Bangkok, Thailand Trip #6

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Many people who had been to Thailand would tell you how good and value for money a Thai massage is. But being sensitive to ticklishness and also detest the application of oil over the body, Itchyfingers have not tried a single session of body massage – be it Thai, Vietnamese or Cambodian, which incidentally cost far less locally than if you were to do it back home.

Wow got licence one leh! So shouldn’t be those sleazy kind…

I was always tempted to try, especially after a whole day of walking under the hot sun, but would always chicken out..:p What if I couldn’t stop laughing? Would be so embarassing…:p And we decided not to try out after seeing these graphic illustration of how one of the thai massage is done….

CRRRACK! Aiyo! Itchyfingers still wanna keep those bones for travelling around the world leh!

CRRRACK…! Pray hard that the ‘expert’ is really an expert! Otherwise,
wear your amulet to protect you against all harm…

But seriously, many people who tried it said it was very relaxing and not painful at all. Hmmm, well, maybe Itchyfingers will try it out the day when the fear of ticklishness is gone! 😀

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