Happy Food – Bangkok, Thailand Trip #5

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Went for this steamboat dinner at one of the malls after a long day of shopping. The interior decor of the Korean restaurant was themed after the birds of Thailand.

Bird watching while having steamboat dinner. 😀 Can you recognise the birds?

A pot of pipping hot steamboat oozing out tissue papers

Our order came pretty fast but it took a while for the water to get hot, probably because we were sitting directing under the air con outlet.

Cute fish cakes shaped as fish! Hurry up and put them into the water!

So one by one, our food jumped into the steaming hot water for a bath. After some time they were ready to fill our stomach. Happily, I took out a fishball and took a bite…

Ooooo! Too hot!

I took it out from my mouth and waited a while for it to cool down…

Then I dabbed some chili sauce over it. The next moment before I knew it, my food was smiling back at me!

A happy face of my fishball… 😀

I’m a happy mushroom now… 😀

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