Natural Instant Breast Enhancement – Bangkok, Thailand Trip #1

April 24, 2008 at 6:12 pm | Posted in itchy backside | 2 Comments
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ItchyFingers went for a shopping spree in Bangkok and beside the many great bargains picked up, we also found a great lobang for the many unfortunately less endowed sisters out there! 😀 Absolutely no needles, no implants, no drugs, no greasy cream, no exercise, no massage and no side effects! 100% natural! Achieve your ideal silhouette and fit into that little black dress and be the limelight at parties!

In short, be the next BLOCKS BUSTERS! 😀

Brassiere for every shapes and sizes. Absolutely brilliant! 😀

So, which type are you? :p

Thailand. The land of Smiles. 😀

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  1. Very nice poster, not at all bad. There is no shame in trying to better yourself as long as it is done with the gifts from God.

  2. Bangkok, Thailand is great for shopping and partying. You can get pretty uch anything in Thailand… even if its illegal. They have many creams, lotions and potions for helping with breast enhancement, not sure if any of them actually work. They don;t have the same laws in Thailand about mis selling and misinformation.

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