Earth Day

April 22, 2008 at 9:00 am | Posted in itchy fingers | Leave a comment

Today is Earth Day. Little things that we do can help to protect and preserve our natural environment. Simple actions like not littering and spitting (I thought we are living in a first class developed country!), conserving energy, reducing waste and recycling go a long way in saving the only one Earth which we all call home.

Be gentle to nature. Take nothing but photographs. Leave nothing but footsteps.

While visiting our nature reserves, many people forget that they are intruding into the homes of wild lives there. They talked loudly and parents allowed children to run wild and scream at the top of their voice, disturbing and scaring birds and animals. They treat the nature reserves as a zoo, feeding wild monkeys with human food, thus encouraging them to stop foraging on their own and becoming bolder and chase after people for food.

Dogs are not allowed in nature reserves as “they may leave territorial markings which
disrupts the movements of other animals. They may chase, harrass and cause
injury to small animals such as lizards and frogs.” 

Then there are cyclists that refused to stick to the destinated cycling track, preferring to bash through the less explored areas for higher level of adrenaline rush. It is sad that these people, while enjoying the fresh air and peacefulness of the nature reserve, do not put in an extra effort to preserve it for the future generation. 😦

Let Earth Day serves as a gentle reminder to all.


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