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This morning I attended a First Aid and Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) session at the Community Centre near my house to pick up some basic tips from the Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF).

The turnout was good for a Sunday morning, with a mixture of different age and racial groups. We were each given an Emergency Handbook with lotsa tips on the dos and don’ts under different emergencies.

The most basic tips were:
1) How to stop a bleeding
Raise the affected areas above the heart level so as to make it more difficult for the heart to pump blood to there, hence reducing or stopping more blood lost.

2) What to do when you get a burn
You will be surprised at what people do to a burn injury. Contrary to what our parents taught us, we are not supposed to apply things like toothpaste, soy sauce, hair cream, margarine etc on the affected areas other than burn ointment. This is because the latter is water-based and can be washed off easily when you seek medical help but applying other stuff may be more difficult to remove and thus cause more pain. Instead, run the injured area under running water for about 10minutes to reduce pain. Then gently remove any watches, rings etc constricting the body before swelling starts. If not, the skin will stick onto the surface of the items and will tear off if you try to remove them later. Ouch…Then cover the area with clean, preferably sterile material and seek medical help immediately.

Also, try not to poke and break a blister as the fluid acts as natural barrier to infection. Leaving it to stay moist and heal by itself also leave less of a scar…

Wow! If only I knew about this when I was young! Got burnt by the motorbike’s exhaust pipe and my itchy fingers poked the ugly black blister which permanently left me with this ugly mark on my leg! 😦

Then the officer demonstrated on how to do a bandage on a head injury with the help of two victim…er…volunteers.

Funny SCDF officer demonstrating how to bandage a head injury. “Try not
to cover her mouth even though she is very noisy har…”

After the demo came the fun part. We were asked to pair up and do the arm and head bandages on each other. As Tisu Boy was too lazy to come along, I had to pair up with this Gan Chiong Aunty who can’t seemed to get things right.

First it took her forever to do the 90 degree arm bandage.

“Tie where har? Just now so far I cannot see.” Gan Chiong Aunty exclaimed. Actually I also couldn’t see probably, that’s why ask her to do on me first. :p The 45 degree arm bandage took slightly shorter time with some help from others.

When it came to do the head bandage, it took like eternity….Ours was a bit too short to begin with, dunnu was it meant for a kid’s head, er, or was it cos I have a big head?  She was struggling to follow the instruction of going two rounds horizontally before going another two rounds vertically. So she tried to stretch the bandage longer by tying tighter, and I almost died from suffocation…and then still cannot tie!

“Help! Help! Help!”

Not me shouting. Gan Chiong Aunty panicked and asked for help from the SCDF volunteer.

“How? How? How? Cannot tie two rounds. Too short!”

So came another volunteer to help out.

“You gotta tie tighter in front to stop the blood bleeding!” Indeed, I was beginning to feel a lack of blood flow…

“Er, ambulance come liao lah…still not ok?” I said.

So much hassle over a head bandage. So much attention given to my new “hairdo”.

I felt like a super star…:D

SCDF volunteer: “Ok, to do the triangular bandage you gotta tie a knot
and insert the extra bit inside…”
Gan Chiong Aunty: “How to tie? How?”

We should be among the very last group to finish…er, should be half finished…cos I haven’t try my hands on Gan Chiong Aunty yet..Only managed to tie the 90 degree arm bandage cos we had to proceed to the next session on CPR.

The next officer to give the talk was a Chinese guy. He appeared less at ease talking to audiences as compared to the first Malay guy. He started with explaining why CPR administration was so important.

“If within 6 minutes a person does not receive oxygen to his brain, the brain
will shut down and the person will become a vegetarian…”

It took the audience a while to understand what he was trying to say and we all burst into laughter! He was still unaware of his mistake and took another few seconds to realise his blunder…:D Vegetable lah! 😀

The CPR demo session was done by another officer. We were told to follow a ABC step to check the level of consciousness – Airway, Breathing and Circulation.

Doing a “head tilt, chin lift” to check airway for any blockage 

Listen for any breathing

Put the face shield over the mouth, blow into the cloth part and look out
for any chest movement

Pumping air to attempt revival

The three hour session gave us a glimpse of the correct administration of first aid and CPR as well as educating everyone the importance of learning these life saving skills. Given the opportunity, I think everyone should try to put in some time to learn them so that in times of emergencies, we do not just panic and not know what to do, especially with the increasing threats from terrorists.


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