Half Empty or Half Full – Packaging Design #2

March 23, 2008 at 5:06 pm | Posted in itchy mouth | Leave a comment
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I am a sucker for nice packaging design, more so if the price is very affordable. All the while I am on the continuous look out for new sunscreen products that are not so greasy and smell better. So when I saw this cutie in Watson some time ago, I bought it immediately without even thinking.

At $1.95 you get a cute and six gram handy palm size sunscreen that
boosts maximum protection of SPR 130!

When I tried applying some back home, I was equally satisfied. Not oily. Not too strong smell. Looked so cute. Cheap for a travel pack. Perfect. I left it on my messy table to remind me of the great buy. 😀

But hor, after standing upright on my table for a day, with the help of gravitiy, to my horror, this was what I found out after admiring it against the light!

actual amount
It was not even half full!

So now I know how it got its six gram of weight from – the tiny ball bearing inside that was supposed to help you shake the bottle well before application. Gosh! Surely they could make the bottle even smaller if the desired amount was so little? Otherwise, was it so tough to fill up the bottle to at least 80-90% full so as not to waste so much raw material? Wasn’t that misleading and cheating consumers’ hard earned money, even if it was just $1.95?

So to the optimists, it was a half-filled bottle of feather-weight nice little sunscreen. To the pessimists, it was a half-emptied bottle of gimme-back-my-money sunscreen…

Er, I wonder if I should start checking all my shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser etc against the light from now onwards….

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