Raise the Red Lanterns – Hoi An, Vietnam Trip #4

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Gong Li didn’t raise the red lanterns to welcome our visit when we passed by this building while exploring around the old town of Hoi An. Unlike the many old buildings used as museums and clan associations which required an entrance ticket, this one was tucked at one quiet corner, far from where the tourists normally go to.

old house
Attracted by its old look, we went in for a peek since the gate was opened…
er, and since there weren’t any dogs…:p

Once inside, we saw this nice chinese-styled building.

front yard
What were these things they sunning on the ground?

bone structure
On closer look….

Ahhh….the people here were making lanterns!

The people didn’t really seems to be bothered by our intruding and continued with their work. Dunnu who was in charge, but they looked like a small family business, so asked one of the more elderly man if it’s ok to take pictures using body language, and he just nodded. A pity we couldn’t ask them questions cos of language problem, but what they were doing were pretty much self-explanatory. So ItchyFingers shall attempt to give a step-by-step dummy guide on how to make lantern…:p

scrap bamboo
After gathering nice bamboos, chop them into short pieces and 
scrap off the outer green part

slice small pieces
Then cut open the bamboo vertically and slice them into small pieces…
aiyo! Be careful of those fingers!

Then pass these to the ladies to tie them together… (pictured above)

sun the structure
Dry them further under the sun so that they will maintain the size,
if not the finished lantern may go outta shape.
Er, I think they sun them
so that they bend more easily…these looked lacquered too…

The final step is to form the structure of the lantern before applying
fine silk on them

The finished products hang proudly outside shops waiting for people
to bring them home!

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