The Way of Life – Hoi An, Vietnam Trip #3

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The beauty of Hoi An is not limited just to the old town. But suay lor, I was running a high fever the day we reached there and the hot weather was not being too kind too. So we didn’t venture out to the Cua Dai Beach or My Son, (pronounce “Mei Song”) another UNESCO World Heritage Site, both are accessible either by joining the local day tour or hiring a motorised rickshaw or cyclo thingy. So gotta settle for taking our time exploring the town lor, and maybe do some shopping…heee..

Evidence of chinese cultures and roots can be seen everywhere

Clan giving lessons on chinese etiquettes 

Yesterday we saw this shop that had a very unique style of writing chinese calligraphy but unfortunately it was closed. 

Looks like the person’s hands were shaking when writing…

This style of writing is quite interesting and unique, at least it is a style on its own. So we were quite curious to see the shop. Luckily after our visit to the old Ah Peh’s house to see his calligraphic work, we were delighted to find this shop opened for business.

Er, can he translate Tisu Girl into Chinese?? :p

Shop full of chinese names translation. He was a bit shocked when we
spoke to him in Mandarin. Maybe we looked like Japanese to him…haha

Ho Chi Minh, or Uncle Ho as the Vietnamese calls him, lives in the hearts of many

A close shave

Was he not happy with his hair cut?

cao lao
Cao lau, a kinda yellow noodle, is the speciality here. Didn’t try lah,
already high fever liao, dun wanna risk getting diarrhea also 😦

girl eating
But this girl seems to be happily slurping away…

Then she got pissed off as I kept snapping her photo! :p

We skipped the Cao Lau, but we did try out the tao huay (soya beancurd) from the mobile hawker. Not too bad, very smooth but the only thing was, she added ginger in her syrup! Eeek!

tao huay
Very good business. One bowl cost 3,000 dong, which was like less than
US$0.20 or less than S$0.25 😀

As the weather was very hot, with few trees to provide shelter, we had to sit outside one of the shop that was closed to take a rest. It proved to be a good spot, as two dessert hawkers stopped by just in front of us, providing a close up of the way business was done.

This dessert lady must be doing much much better in business judging from the size of
her stall! Indeed, she had many regular customers at this seemingly rest place for these
working ladies in turquoise.

As a hygiene freak, I like to peek into how people handle food…:p

peel potato
Er, dunnu why must hide underneath the chair to peel potato leh…
Maybe he’s underage to sell cigarettes?

Shaking off the dirt from rice

Striking it rich is everyone’s dream, it’s no exception here

ItchyFingers do not condone smoking, but the wooden shelf looks cool…

A typical way to carry small things around the shoulder using just a pole

Otherwise, use a wooden cart for efficiency

This one is interesting. These guys moved the clothes from the shop
into this wooden cart thingy so they won’t be messed up! Were they
having sale elsewhere?

We also spent quite a bit of time at the wet market and the open market. It was a busy day for the vendors. Most were friendly looking but the moment we tried to take their photos, many would use the conical hat to shield the face.

Fresh veggies

Ah ha! Catcha! No more faceless vietnamese ladies!

Well we might have missed out the heritage site, but all was not lost. We were able to enjoy ourselves too with more time spent observing life in the old town and the surrounding area, instead of just shopping for souvenirs and snapping a few photos and then rushing off to the next tourists’ spots. Hor? :p

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