Faces of Youth – Chingay Parade of Dreams 2008

February 28, 2008 at 12:54 am | Posted in itchy backside | 2 Comments
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The last time I viewed the Chingay Parade should be a couple of years back when I happened to pass by Orchard Road and stopped to view it from amongst the crowd. This year we made it a point to head down early to catch some exciting performances near the Esplanade Park. We were quite lucky to be able to secure relatively good spots despite the great turnout.

Chingay 2008 was a dazzling experience! From the deafening F1 racing car performance to the colourful floats, costumes and music, being at the actual parade certainly beats sitting at home watching the live telecast. You can really feel the warmth and vibrancy of both the performers and the audiences!

“Youth” seems to be the buzzword after Singapore’s success in bidding for the 2010 Youth Olympic Games. So naturally our ItchyFingers will put our focus on them as they are the future of our country! 

Youth is our best assets!

 fei fei
More cheers!

Sea of dreams... 

Sea of beauties...

Young and pure…sweet!

It’s never too young to fight! 

Self-indulgence! This japanese guy was lip-syncing while dancing along,
enjoying the attention from audiences and especially the photographers!

Indian prince 

It’s good to be physically young, but the young at hearts were equally shining at Chingay!

Great footwork!

I like his flowers…:p

Gorgeous flower head gear 

A great Year of the Rat ahead! 

And lastly, a cute mousie for all!

It’s great to be young! 

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  1. nice work, bro

  2. Thanks. Hope you enjoy the many other posts as well! 😀

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