Where Have All the Flowers Gone – Sentosa Flowers 2008 #1

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Caught the flower show at Sentosa Flowers 2008 before it ended last weekend. This year’s theme was “Tales of Spring – A Family Celebration of Blooms!”

Gateway to flowery land

There’s a carnival feel with all these huge balloons around

It was my first visit to flower show during the chinese new year period in Sentosa. As it was already the second last day of the show, so naturally many of the flowers were showing signs of withering. Nevertheless, there were still many many jewels around. The only thing was that not all the flowers came with labels so most of the time I had no idea what kinda flowers were they. But I especially like those flowers with little flowers within…

Teeny flowers within the big petals

verbena hybrida red
The only flower I took with label around it. It’s called Verbena hybrida

verbena hybrida pink
The sweet pink version of the same flower. I think the small flowers all
grow from the centre…

This one should belong to those cabbage family, I think…haha

We spent a lot of time trying to perfect our shots of the flowers on these particular rows of trees…

rose lookalike
Roses for you?

Hey wait, these are not roses! But aren’t they deceivingly rose-like?

Well, they are not roses. Unfortunately I can’t tell you what flowering plant are they cos there weren’t any labels around! 😦 But on close observation, you can learn more about the life cyle of its cute flowers…(By the way, my knowledge of plants have been returned to my secondary Biology teacher, so if the descriptions of any plant parts seems awkward, please bear with me and do correct me if I am wrong! :p )

The initial look of the flowers – tiny bunch of buds about 1.5 to 2cm diameter

Slowly opening up to reveal bright red flowers. Aren’t they look like rose buds?

This is when the filaments like thingy start to spread out

Finally an outburst!

before and after
It’s not difficult to find all the different stages of the flowers on the same
tree or even same branch (Itchyfingers later found out that this flower
is called the Powder Puff! So cute!)

I really like these flowers a lot cos the furry flowers look fiery yet soft from far. Maybe someone should package the tiny ‘rose buds’ together with some toy bears as an alternative to the real Mccoy during Valentine’s Day! 😀

rose wannabe
Tie it with tiny ribbons and it can pass off as real roses…miniature ones though…

It’s really a great opportunity to lay your hands on those macro lens.


Another I-dunnu-what’s-the-name flower

One more I-dunnu-what’s-the-name flower (Thanks to our reader, we now
know this is called the Lily of the Nile)

This one I know!


We will continue on part two, after the result of the bid for the Youth Olypmic 2010 comes out tomorrow!



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  1. hm.. good one ))

  2. You have posted wonderful picture of flowers that is appreciated. Keep it up the good work.

  3. 2nd to bottom Lily of the Nile

    • Thanks for helping to ID this flower. Saw quite a number of them at New Zealand too. 🙂

  4. hi my my name is cecilie. i like those flowers . from cecilie.

  5. I think the rose like flower is called the Powder Puff flower. Fitting, right?Anywas, love your pics and the post. :~)
    Many Blesssings,

    • Yes Ashley, we found out later that is is called the Power Puff flower. So cute. And it’s actually quite common here! 🙂

  6. The first one looks like a Zinnia and the cabbage looking thing is called a Hydrangea, not sure about that purple flower though, heard its Chinese name before as a child but not too sure what it is called now.

    • Ya, I think the cabbage should belong to Hydrangea…think I read it somewhere…the purple one is so commonly seen yet never know the name…hahah…

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