Primary Colours – Feng Zhengjie

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The first time I came across this artist’s work was when flipping through some contemporary fine arts books in the bookshop, which left a very deep impression. Why leh? Firstly because of his bold use of bright primary colours – red, green and blue, on human faces. The contrast between the cool coloured faces and the often chilli red hair is so intense that you can’t help take a second look. And immediately you are captivated by the eyes of his recent subjects – young and glamorous women cos they were illustrated in a very unique way. Didn’t really remember the artist’s name until the Singapore Art Museum brings in his solo exhibition. So now I know his name is Feng Zhengjie and naturally I jumped at the opportunity to view his work up close.  

Feng Zhengjie’s solo exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum

The artist’s statement on “Primary Colours”

From the year 2000, Feng Zhengjie started painting young women in almost pop art style. These full frontal faces are scaled up to huge proportion, often portrayed as if they are squashed or stretched. The eyes are said to be the windows to one’s soul, but these women’s eyes are painted with tiny pupils set widely apart and looking at opposite directions, giving them a mysterious and empty look, even an eerie feeling.

Feng Zhengjie’s signature glamourous woman on banner

Huge banner on the museum’s facade

The strokes on the face looked as if they were air-brushed on, smooth and flawless. These contrast with the spontaneous strokes on the hair.

Seduction? Playfulness? It’s up to you to interpret the meaning behind the eyes

With such contrasting colours shouting at passing pedestrians, it’s really
hard to miss!

Aggressive? Eerie? You either love or hate Feng Zhengjie’s glamourous women!

Catch Feng Zhengjie’s Primary Colour at the Singapore Art Museum from now till 20 April 2008!

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