Pattern More than Badminton – Master Yoga Calligrapher

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While taking photos and doing the last minute lelong chinese new year shopping at Chinatown, saw this interesting busker just behind the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. I think I have seen him on tv or the papers before, but this’s the first time I see him ‘live’ on the street performing…:p

Look at his credentials! He even put up his IC and busking license!

Boy! I should say I was quite impressed. What he had displayed was not only calligraphic skills, but also coordination of the body and mind which takes years of practice to achieve. If you are a Jin Yong (Louis Cha) Wuxia (Sword fighting) novel fan, you should vividly remember one scene whereby the protagonist Xiao Long Nu in The Return of the Condor Heroes (Shen Diao Xia Lu) tried to use one hand to draw a circle and the other to draw a square with a stick in vain. (Er, she succeeded after trying very hard to concentrate). Try for yourself and you will know how difficult it is!

If calligraphy is not something everyone can manage, imagine writing calligraphy not with your hand…

mouth 2 brushes
Not one but two brushes in the mouth writing two characters at the same time!

hand 2 brushes
On the same paper, switched to gripping two brushes in one hand,
again writing two different characters at the same time!

If you think this is impressive, wait till you see this…

upside down
Writing with brush gripped between the toes while doing a upside down yoga pose!

Wow! How to balance and write at the same time??? And the characters
are still legible!

If you are already in awe, you might want to know that his ‘pattern’ doesn’t just stop here…

Brush gripped in between the neck and chin with legs stretched out
and ready for another round!

This ‘pattern’ requires the body to move along with each stroke!

How about writing in reverse direction??

Wow! Really ‘pattern’ liao liao!

More ‘pattern’!

Kudos to Mr Tan Hong Jiu for his remarkable skills!

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