Goodbye! Our Beloved Singapore Girl Ah Meng (circa 18 June 1960 – 8 Feb 2008)

February 9, 2008 at 11:41 am | Posted in itchy mouth | 1 Comment
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Got a rude shock when I went to buy the newspaper this morning. Our beloved famous Sumatran Orang Utan Ah Meng has passed away! 😦

Probably died of old age, nobody is really sure of exactly how old Ah Meng is. Ah Meng was recovered in 1971 by a veterinarian from a local family where she was kept illegally as a pet, and since then has become the poster girl for the Singapore Zoo with her friendly personality. She is the only non human to receive a “Special Tourism Ambassador” award in 1992.

I have been to the zoo numerous times ironically only in recent years (last time poor cannot afford…), and each time I never failed to spend the most time in front of the Orang Utan enclosure. They are so human like and it is sad to see them not being able to live in their naturally habitat. But that’s the purpose of the zoo – to educate people of the importance and urgency to protect the environment for these lovely animals. I am not sure if I have seen Ah Meng personally, cos in recent years due to age, the zoo has decreased her public appearances for fear of subjecting her to too much stress. But I do have an one and only photo of an Orang Utan taken probably by my father when we were young, and were told that that was Ah Meng. Well, I can’t tell from the photo given the angle, but I think I would like to believe that I have once seen her up close before….

ah meng
My Ah Meng with her baby.

Rest in peace, our beloved Singapore Girl, Ah Meng! Your fans will miss you dearly!


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  1. Singapore will miss you dearly my beloved Ah Meng..May You rest in peace…

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