Lelong! Lelong! Last Minute Chinese New Year Shopping!

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YES! Two more days and it’s the Lunar New Year! Aiyo, I am excited not because it is Chinese New Year lah, but more for the fact that there will be five days off! Long weekend! YEAH!! 😀

This is the time when young kids are the happiest cos they dun have to go to school, can eat many goodies and dun have to worry about weight, and of cos, collect ang bao.

Being a person who is very good at managing financial issues and analysing market trends, er, or in short, a cheapo lor, it is by second nature that I will wait till the last minute when prices of things fall before doing my shopping. Actually a lot of people are like that, judging from the crowd we have year after year as the time inches towards the new year.

So after browsing the stalls at Chinatown a few times while taking photos, I think the time is almost ripe! And indeed!

Most stalls selling sweets have lowered the price from $1.80 to $0.80 per 100gram, depending on which kinda sweets. The all time favourite Taiwan Moi Chee, a glutinous sweet with fillings, are now selling at $5 for a big full bag. Be sure you check out the stall properly cos some stalls sell at $3 per bag but their bags are smaller lor.

These are some of the varieties in my bag…:p

Green Tea, Black Sugar and Cherry flavour Moi Chee

This ‘Girl Brand’ looks unfamiliar to me. Wonder why these ‘Taiwan’
Moi Chee are so Japanese looking…??

Another less familiar brand, but taste good though

This is my favourite brand with the nicest packaging and most consistent
design. I stuffed in a lot of the peanut flavour ones!

These cute 3-in-1 kinds are new products which weren’t seen last year.
These seasame ones are good!

Durian is not my favourite fruit, so bought just one of this to try try lor…

Beside Moi Chee, I also hunted for some sweets bargains.

These are so nostalgic! We used to eat this when young during
Chinese New Year!

 A new look for an old candy

Frizzy Kola! Er, how come different size one har?

Some candies come in cute shapes…

…like this corn

and this agar agar jelly candy

Packaging really does wonder to an ordinary product. The peanut candy that most of us should be familar with is spotted with these different kinds of look…

The peanut candy from China used to spot a traditional look with prawns on it.
This version calls it the Sesame Candy.

deep love
Then we have a version for the madly in love couples. These come in
timely for Valentine’s Day in a few more days time – blue for boys and
red for girls…:p

big foot
Another peanut candy for the couples, this time it’s for those with
big foot. The packaging says, “love in the countryside”. 😀

hubby wife
This is the ultimate! For married couples! This is a sweet surprise cos
I only saw the wife version but must have taken the hubby version by accident!

These sardine can candies come in ‘Fruit’ and ‘High’ candy version…

sesame pearl
The jewels in the tin…:p

These jellies caught our eyes for the beautiful packaging. They dun come cheap though. Tisu Boy got them at normal price earlier as treats to colleagues. These certainly make wonderful gifts so make sure you wait till the last day before you make your killing!

Japanese packaging inspired jellies.

Beautiful isn’t it?


I think I might just go back for some more…see you there!

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