Funny Signs (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

January 21, 2008 at 8:52 pm | Posted in itchy mouth | 2 Comments
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Different countries have different cultures, so you expect to see many different kinda signages. Some are funny especially when the translation is badly done, while some are just plain bizarre.

Chiang Mai, despite being the second largest city in Thailand, is much more conservative compared to Bangkok. I don’t remember seeing any transverstites (or ladyboys) or women working in the sex trade on the street. So it comes to no surprise to see this sign…

Sign outside a restaurant

But dunnu why this shop wants to call themselves this…

Porn? No porn here leh…

It’s always good to know more than one language, in case you dun understand one, there’s always a backup…

Can’t figure out what’s the English is talking about? Try the chinese one then..

Sometimes, being short and sweet is better. And dun forget your good old punctuation marks. They were created for a purpose..:p

Try reading this in one breathe.

If you turn pale from lack of oxygen, reach out for your handy and dial 1669.

What the….???

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  1. Interesting post. However I think the “Chinese” is actually “Japanese” 🙂

  2. Thanks for the comment. The translation on the releasing of bird has both chinese and japanese. 😀

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