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Singapore being a tiny tropical island with a population of more than 4.5 million, every inch of land matters. As we are undergoing rapid development, many old buildings have to be torn down to give way to new ones. However, not all things new are better. Many of the high rise buildings are like carbon copies of one another. We ended up having lesser nature areas, lesser old and charming buildings. 😦

Months ago, we decided that we should preserve whatever memories of old Singapore by taking photographs of old places and buildings. Tisu Boy happened to pass by the now defunct theme park – the Tang Dynasty City at Jurong and suggested sneaking in to take some photos before it is gone.

I did not visit the Tang Dynasty City in its ‘heydays’, which it did not enjoy for too long, considering the fact that it cost $100 million to build in 1992 and had to close in 1999. The reasons being partly due to the high entrance fees and partly because it is so man made, and I always harbour dreams of visiting the real village in China and admire the authentic artefacts one of these days. Well, that day hasn’t come yet cos I haven’t land my itchy feet into the land of dragon.

So this was how it started…

no entrance
Closed? We are not called Itchy Backsides for nothing and found an easy way in…:p
Shhhh….! Dun call the police hor!

What we saw surprised us. Dilapidated though it has become, in my opinion, it looks all the more charming in its own way. In fact, it feels more authentic! Kinda reminded me of our trip to Angkor Wat the previous year. (Will post some pictures some other time. Please stay tuned!)

gt wall
This is supposed to be a replica of the Great Wall of China…

The theme park was supposed to create the 7th century Chinese city of
Chang ‘an, the present day Xian.

The Dragon Inn?

Bridge over troubled water

Wallpapers…I love these! Feel like bringing them home!

Mr Tang Dynasty

I like the calligraphy

Oh my goodness! Was there a murder here?? :O Fake one lah…haha..

Just realised that they are indeed going to demolish the place this January. So sad! I wonder what are they gonna do with the many sculptures there. Will be such a waste to destroy them!

She looks like she’s dancing in the air! So graceful!

Who’s so daring as to plant two nails on the Monkey God’s head!?
No wonder he’s showing the middle finger!

It is a shame this place will come to such a nasty ending and become history soon. Luckily we caught it before it goes…

Aerial view from the tower




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  1. alamak, i dont have the chance to see the ancient glory liao. I like the photos!

  2. very good entry! kudos to the brave itchy fingers!

  3. Happened to chance upon a video website with detailed descriptions of all attractions inside but narration is in Mandarin. The website: Tangdynastysg.blip.tv

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