House of Wax – Hong Kong Trip #3

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Having heard much about the Madame Tussauds, it would be a wasted trip not to pay it a visit when we were at the Peak.

The flyer says:”No Bodyguards. No Entourage. No Stopping You.”

But the moment we were about to enter, a staff stopped us and spoke in a machine gun speed. Blur like sotong, I asked her to repeat herself. Immediately, IMPATIENCE was written all over her face. This time, I got her. She was saying that we were not supposed to take picture using our own camera of the big-nosed international kungfu star wax figure because he’s the ambassador of the gallery. However, we could have our picture taken by them but were under no obligation to purchase them unless we liked the photo. 

 no pic
Tisu Girl being tested on her cantonese proficiency… 

Now, that pissed us off. Firstly, she wasn’t being very polite in stopping us so abruptly. Secondly, she was so impatient having to repeat herself again. So rude! And the most important reason of all…

Tisu Girl giving a stuck-up face, not bothering to take a picture with Mr Big Shot.

Other than this episode, the rest of the visit was quite pleasant. The whole gallery is divided into different sections. Some of the figures are more life-like than the others. Among all, these are some of our favourites.. 

Western beauty Angelina Jolie... 

vs eastern beauty, Michelle Yeoh 

The Princess…

vs the Queen 

Good-looker Andy…(hey they din get the distinctive nose right!) 

vs the Brainer Einstein 

And lastly, the most recognisable face in the Little Red Dot. :p

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