Environmental Unfriendly vs Environmental Friendly – Hong Kong Trip #2

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Today, after parking the car at Adam Road Hawker Centre, Tisu Boy made this horrible mistake that cost him a good 50cents…:p

Itchy fingers moved too fast…:p

@#%*! He forgot it’s 2008 and torn the 2007 tab on the parking coupon. :p

Well, seems like he’s not the only one making this mistake cos the taxi driver parked next to us did the same thing too. The only difference was that he got the 2008 tab torn out as well, and was staring at it as if pondering if he should try his luck and pray that the car park warden will let him off, knowing that it was a genuine careless mistake; or just use a new piece of coupon and buy 50cents’ less worth of 4D or Toto. What to do? With prices of things going up to infinity and beyond, every cent counts! 

This incident reminded me of a comment made by my Hong Kong friend. When she visited Singapore few months ago, she was totally amazed that we used this weird looking paper with numbers to be torn out when parking cars. She felt that it is so environmental unfriendly to waste so much paper. For them, they just use one card to pay for public transport – be it MTR trains, KCR rails, buses, mini buses, ferries. It can also be used for payment at convenience stores, supermarkets, fast-food chains, on-street parking meters, car parks, vending machines etc.

The mighty Octopus Card has its tentacles reached out as a 
more widely acceptable mode of payment than our EzLink Card.

Er, ok, though we do use the Cash Card for payment at many shopping malls and offices car parks, most HDB and URA car parks still use paper coupon. Seems like we are indeed environmental unfriendly!

To encourage the use of Octopus Card, MTR gave a HK$2 rebate
at designated stations. Just tap your card on the reader like this one seen at
the Mid-Level Escalator. For a limited period only. Oh, never mind the two
grammatical errors. :p

Poster on the pillar at the Star Ferry Pier promoting eco-friendliness.

From observation, they do have more recycling bins readily available, and supermarkets have posters asking customers to use recycling bags not just on the first Wednesday of each month. While I can’t ‘defend’ our HDB/URA parking coupon scheme, there is certainly one uniquely Hong Kong phenomenon I can’t quite agree with – in fast food restaurants with the Smiley Old Man as mascot selling juicy chicken wings and one local fried chicken stall at the Ocean Park, they offer thoughtful services to valuable customers: washing basins for cleaning your hands before handling your food, and, for double protection to the beautifully manicured nails, the wonderful DISPOSABLE PLASTIC GLOVES.

Oops sorry, no photographs as evidence. My hands were too oily…:p Should have asked for the gloves, dunnu free or not…:p

No offence ok, my dear Hong Kong friends. :p I still like Hong Kong for its charm. 🙂

Let’s all Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

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