Christmas Exchange

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Every year before Xmas, Tisu Boy will be cracking his brain on what to buy for his company gift exchange. “Chay! Only he needs to crack meh?!? I oso wow!” Ooo, I hear many people protesting now. Ok, Christmas Day is over, but hey, there are supposed to be 12 days of Xmas! So for those of you who have not exchanged gifts, maybe can try this method to help come out with ideas. 

Being in the creative line, Tisu Boy came out with this brilliant way of generating gift ideas. First, set the theme for the gift. Then, write down words to describe the theme and put all in a box. Then get everyone to draw 2 words and they have to get gifts that fit the description, theme and budget. They did this last year and everyone agreed that it is more fun and interesting to have some clues as to what to get.

So this year’s theme was set as “food” and Tisu Boy’s words are “thick’ and “soft”. Wow lao…”what food is thick and soft other than the french loaf?” was the first thought. Huge Xmas candy stick? Melts in the mouth and becomes soft.. or drumstick lor, thick and soft…Original or Crispy? hahha…In the end, this is what we got.. 

Logcake made from towel. Looks like the real thing!

Excuse moi! Not food leh! Isn’t that cheating??

Er, in case you still dun understand what are people from the creative line supposed to do:

Who says the food must be edible in the first place? :p haha.

Hope you find this gift idea generating method useful for the next Xmas Exchange!


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