December 24, 2007 at 11:01 pm | Posted in itchy fingers | 2 Comments

Welcome to ItchyFingers!

Tonight is the grand opening of this wonderfool, er, wonderful blog dedicated to those of you whom may had been chided for being “itchy fingers” when young by parents. You know, being curious as young kids, it is naturally that we would like to check things out by looking, peeping, asking and of course, by touching. But si bay suay leh, we always get scoldings from impatient adults! Many of us eventually grew up contented to be spoon fed – afraid of looking stupid by asking the so-called “obvious questions”. Fortunately many of those kids at heart, continue to explore, ask and learn new things.

So this is the spirit of ItchyFingers! To start with, we have fingers that are itchy, dying to create and explore new things, we have restless and itchy backsides eager to go places to learn about foreign cultures. Lastly, our itchy mouths will not hesitate to spread the news and lobangs around!

On this eve of Christmas, may I wish everyone good health and happiness! 😀

Look out for the first ItchyFingers post! And do start being itchy mouths by giving suggestions and spreading words about this blog! :p



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  1. hey hey, welcome to the bloggers community. read your intro and think the meaning of your blog title is very well written. Keep posting, even if it’s just pics, keep the blog alive!

    Bee Hong

  2. Hello! Thanks for the encouragement. Do drop by from time to time! :p

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